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Launching an array of learning experiences with the School of Cybernetics.

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Learning Experiences presented by the School of Cybernetics
Learning Experiences presented by the School of Cybernetics

Calling all change-makers, thinkers, critical-doers, and leaders of today and tomorrow. Organisations around the world are rapidly recognising the urgent need for expertise to face the challenges and complexities of the 21st century. This is more than just a technical understanding of the technologies that are emerging, there is a need for critical awareness on how these technologies interact with wider cultural, social, economic, political, and ecological systems.

The School of Cybernetics has announced an array of full-day non-award learning experiences to prepare organisations, workplaces, and individuals for the increasingly fast-paced technological world.

From leading through the uncertainty generated by novel technologies to engaging with AI from fresh perspectives, our one-day programs enable participants to understand their role in building the better, fairer, and safer systems of the future. The learning experiences provide powerful practices founded on expansive cybernetic inquiry, as well as creative fuel for reimagining technology’s role in the world

“We are launching a set of learning experiences and we want you to come and spend the day with us, learning about how to think about building a more hopeful, just and sustainable future, and the tools we need to get there,” Director of the School of Cybernetics, Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell says.

“We are incredibly excited here at the School of Cybernetics to start finding ways of letting people see what we see, and letting people understand why we think this is so stimulating.”

The School of Cybernetics is offering four cohesive learning experiences detailed below.

Decoding AI through cybernetics will empower participants with a stronger and clearer understanding of AI technologies and their implications and controversies. The program will develop new ways to discuss AI outside the constraints of existing - and often misleading - technological terms and narratives.

Introducing cybernetic leadership looks at different ways to be a leader in today’s tech-driven environment. This learning experience offers leaders a chance to learn ways to navigate these unfamiliar waters, as emerging technologies such as AI and automation challenge decision-makers across all sectors to respond rapidly to complex and ambiguous situations.

Creating futures with cybernetics will guide participants through the challenge of imagining and influencing the development of new systems. Drawing upon the ground-breaking work of the School’s Cybernetic Imaginations Residents and the Australian Cybernetic exhibition, the program immerses participants in storytelling and creative practice, guiding them through the uncomfortable and the unexpected as they reimagine the future and their role in crafting it.

Transforming complex systems with cybernetics looks at approaches for solving difficult and persistent systemic challenges. The ‘system’ is one of the most important concepts and realities underpinning our contemporary 21st century world. Increasing complexities and interdependencies across engineered systems create both greater fragility and resilience for networked lives, while we continue to grapple with the sociological and ecological implications of these technological deployments.

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We welcome all people with a drive to learn more about the world around us, an interest in exploring new terms for explaining and framing AI, developing their leadership, working in a creative position, or solving complex systematic challenges.

“If you make policy, if you work in a small or large commercial enterprise, or if you are at a moment in your life where you’re trying to work out what comes next, come learn and engage with us. And come out with a new set of tools and skills, or even a new way of thinking about the world,” Professor Bell says.

More information on all the learning experiences is available through our education page. Register now to take part in one, or all of these rewarding offerings.

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