Tom Chan

PhD candidate

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Birch Building


Policy wonk. Regulatory economist. Closet creative.#

Tom is a PhD candidate at the School of Cybernetics. He loves to wrangle wicked problems at the interface of law, economics and tech. As a consultant and a public servant, he advised on competition, regulatory reform, public policy and service design matters. Before commencing the 3Ai Masters, Tom worked for the Victorian Government providing advice on the state’s longer-term strategy and reforms for transitioning industries and systems disrupted by technological and other global developments (such as transport and waste). Tom was the Vice President of the Economic Society of Australia (Victoria) where he founded and co-curated a polling platform for gauging and transmitting the expert consensus on topical policy issues from a national panel of over 50 eminent economists. Tom was recognised as the Society’s 2020 Honorary Fellow for his contributions. During his time at 3Ai, Tom explored ways of thinking about how cyber-physical systems scale through a range of individual and collaborative projects — from ‘Isaac’ the unassuming National Library robot, to questionable wearable technologies, drone proliferation and regulation, AR-enhanced ‘smart’ walls and IoT-enabled urban forests. Tom is currently exploring issues in the emergence of ‘smart’ buildings.

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