Isabel Richards

Research Officer

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Science communicator. Humanist. Gelato connoisseur.#

Isabel is a Research Officer at the School of Cybernetics. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with a Major and First Class Honours in Science Communication. Prior to joining the school, she worked at Australian Science Innovations helping promote and run STEM programs for high school students.

She is passionate about developing cross-cultural, transdisciplinary and equitable solutions to global scientific and technological issues. She is also interested in the cultural meanings of science and a total nerd for how STEM manifests in popular culture, collaborating with the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science on these subjects. She is a member of ANU Popsicule, the university’s science in pop culture and entertainment hub, and co-host of the podcast Sci_Burst, which explores science in film, books, games, comics, music, and more!

In her spare time, Isabel enjoys reading, gaming and finding all the best gelato spots in Canberra (she has been an ice cream addict since birth!).

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