Ideal for decision-makers in complex systems, this module introduces the Cybernetic Star: a simple and effective tool for bringing the components of systems to light across the domains of people, technology, and the environment. Participants will practice applying the Cybernetic Star to a case study AI system, exploring different vantage points and the effects of component changes.

Core ideas and tools#

In the context of AI and technology it’s important that we move beyond thinking in objects to thinking in systems.

The core ideas and tools of this module are:

  1. the Cybernetic Star can help us identify the components of a system
  2. the Cybernetic Star can give us different vantage points for viewing and drawing boundaries around a system

Learning outcomes#

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  1. identify and analyse the human, environmental, and technological components that comprise complex systems
  2. see a cybernetic system from multiple vantage points
  3. describe potential outcomes when a component in the system changes


This module is ideal for decision-makers in complex systems, including people who work with AI.

Why take this module?#

This module will provide you with a practical tool, applicable in a wide range of contexts, for starting to effectively navigate complexity.

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