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Snack Pack#

  • Pask G, Maturana H, van Foerster H & Winograd T (eds) (1985) Cybernetic: The Magazine (Summer- Fall). American Society for Cybernetics 1(1). Link to magazine.
  • Emery F & Trist E (1965) The causal texture of organizational environments. Human Relations 18(1): 21–32. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Emery M (1995) Creating community out of chaos and uncertainty begins with asking the right questions… The power of community search conferences. The Journal for Quality and Participation 18(7): 70-79. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Metcalf G (2014) Social systems and design. Systems & Cybernetics podcast series, hosted by Tom Scholte. Springer Verlag. Link to podcast.
  • Emery M (2018) Having a role in your world. Team Human podcast, hosted by Douglas Rushkoff. Link to podcast.
  • Simondon G (2016) On the mode of existence of technical objects. Translated by Cécile Malaspina and John Rogove. Minneapolis: Univocal Publishing. Link to book.
  • Holt M (2020) Ulm Aesthetics. Journal of Design History 33(2): 140-157. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm Museum and Archive. Link to website.
  • Women at the HfG Ulm. Link to website.

If you would like a copy of a paywalled article, please contact for possible access options.

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