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Snack Pack#

  • Boulding K (1956) General systems theory: The skeleton of science. Management Science 2: 197-208. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Bateson G (1972) Metaloque: What is an instinct? In: Bateson G. Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Pp 48-69. Link to book.
  • Reckmeyer WJ (2010) “SJSU Salzburg Program – The First Five Years.” San José: San José State University, International and Extended Studies. Report in snack pack pdf.
  • Dupont AA & Reckmeyer WJ (2012) “Australia’s National Security Priorities: Addressing Strategic Risk in a Globalized World.” Australian J of International Affairs 66:34-51. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Reckmeyer WJ (2013) “Educating Global Citizens.” TEDx Talk. San José State University. Link to video.
  • Reade C, Reckmeyer WJ, Cabot M, Jaehne D & Novak M (2013) “Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century –The SJSU Salzburg Program.” Journal of Corporate Citizenship 49: 100-114. Link to article.
  • Reckmeyer WJ (2016) “Reflections on Constructing a Reality: The American Society for Cybernetics in the 1980s.” Special Issue on the 50th Anniversary Retrospective of the ASC, edited by Herr, Christiane M; Fischer, Thomas and Glanville, Ranulph. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 23(1): 28-41. Link to article (paywalled).
  • Reckmeyer WJ (2021) “Cybernetics, Global Issues, and the Need for Systemic Wisdom: Mary Catherine Bateson and the Salzburg Global Seminar.” Special Issue on Mary Catherine Bateson: Compositions in Living Cybernetics, edited by Fred Steier. Cybernetics & Human Knowing. 28(3- 4): 85-101. Link to article (paywalled).

If you would like a copy of a paywalled article, please contact for possible access options.

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