Anna Goschin

Senior School Administrator

Picture of Anna Goschin

Birch Building


Operations expert. Adventurer. Frenchie-mother.

Anna Goschin is the Senior School Administrator at the School of Cybernetics. Anna has a professional background in operations and a special interest in Finance, which is why she is currently spending her nights working on an online Master of Finance. Born and raised in Germany, she has spent the last decade(+) in Australia and Asia. Prior to joining the School of Cybernetics, Anna was the Visitor Business Manager of Tourism Central Australia following her role as corporate Director of Operations for a hotel group in Bangkok.

Anna has lived and holidayed in all sorts of adventurous destinations. She spends her weekends travelling, joined by her trusty (and adorable) French Bulldog Roxy, who loves to join in on kayak adventures. You might even spot Anna carving up the slopes on her snowboard at Perisher!

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