2021 School of Cybernetics Film Festival

Pass the popcorn - Cybernetics at the movies

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6 Dec 2021

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2021 School of Cybernetics Film Festival
2021 School of Cybernetics Film Festival

Cybernetics at the movies series is coming!

Minority Report challenges us to think cybernetically by presenting a world in which crime is predicted and prosecuted before it even occurs. The use of data in this fictional future is not so far off from the systems used in the present day – but will we, like Tom Cruise, experience unexpected repercussions from these invisible systems managing our lives?

The Social Network traces the controversial history of Facebook’s creation with this occasionally fanciful biopic. What does exploring the contextual circumstances of technology development tell us about the social impact of these incredibly influential cybernetic networks?

Princess Mononoke takes the cybernetic conversation back to feudal Japan, in which environment, people, and technologies clash. What can we learn from this beautiful animated film about factoring in the environment as we try to create technologies and cultivate progressive societies?

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