Without illustrations of how art and technology intertwine, we lose the ability to imagine our place in the future.

Lucie in the Sky is a world-first artistic project where drones are choreographed using human movement patterns. Human and drone dancers perform together as pairs, bringing intimacy to human-drone interactions. Through this production created and choreographed by Amy Hollingsworth, we explore how the relationship between humans and autonomous machines transforms when we imbue drones with human-like behaviour.

The School of Cybernetics is collaborating with Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) and Verity Studios to challenge our perceptions of the relationship between humans and technology. ADC is the lead partner on a successful RISE grant that was awarded in 2021. We bring our cybernetic lens to think beyond a piece of technology, and consider the role art has in shaping the ways we use technology in the world, as well as how we might recreate technology for a future world.

This project will also comprise a significant education program delivered in partnership with World of Drones and Robotics Congress and the School of Cybernetics, illustrating a future where the arts sits at the heart of AI studies. ADC will record the journey in a special documentary that will unveil the worlds of dance, drones, research and what it means to be human in an increasingly digitised and AI saturated environment.

To learn more about this project contact: Dr Josh Andres or Dr Catherine Ball

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