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PhD candidate

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Stochastic Scholastic: Culture. Communication. Complexity.#

Graeme is a PhD Candidate at the School of Cybernetics. He has worked as a knowledge and information management specialist in IT Service Delivery with a particular focus on designing, generating and sustaining the internal information metabolisms and interfaces of contemporary technologically-mediated organisational communication systems. He has also engaged in a variety of information management and communications projects for a diverse spectrum of non-profit organisations in Australia and beyond. Graeme obtained a Master of Applied Cybernetics in 2022 and is now quite deeply invested in an extensive analysis of self-propagating causes and consequences of marginalisation and exclusion in large-scale communications systems.

On a continuum from historical philosophy through contemporary systems theory, Graeme’s scholastic interests are wide-ranging and include the emerging cultures around artificial intelligence, concepts in strategic design, notions of non-linearity in innovation and intellectual creativity, the iterative evolution of language and communication, technologically-mediated subjectivities and their partisan tribal identities, theoretical concepts of holism and logical system self-containment, and the adaptive conceptual vocabularies of a Cybernetics of time, entropy and complexity. Some of the things which intrigue him most are the ways in which the technical interdiction and facilitation of human experience has a natural bias towards the invocation and reproduction of intractably “wicked problems”, and of how inordinately complex communications systems predictably reproduce themselves at scale through a transmission medium of the relatively unpredictable human beings that inhabit them.

In his personal time, Graeme enjoys contemplating philosophy, exploring the sonic and logical possibilities afforded by electric guitar, practices martial arts, being ignored by his pet rabbits, and is positively committed to an endless learning journey through a stochastic cartography of culture, communication and complexity.

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