Chris Mesiku

Research Fellow

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Data analyst. Epistemologist. Optimising tinkerer.#

Chris is a Research Fellow in the school of cybernetics. He is using a cybernetic theory of change to develop a set of tools to support stakeholders to design data projects that effectively combat disadvantage in Australia.

Chris’s career journey so far reflects his passion for optimisation and both for acquiring new knowledge, and translating knowledge into accessible outcomes for positive change. Throughout his career, Chris has balanced research positions in physics, astronomy, and machine learning, while also working as a web and app developer, data analyst and storyteller for organisations including the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Queensland Government and IBM Research Australia. Chris is finalising his doctoral thesis with the University of Queensland, combining his disciplinary training in philosophy, physics and AI to explore and evaluate among other things, the validity of information that is AI generated.

Chris’s passion for translational research has seen him weave in functions as a science communicator, museum curator and workshop facilitator. He has authored reports for organisations including the United Nations, IBM, Microsoft and CSIRO on topics spanning agritech and rural development, astronomy and digitising African Indigenous knowledge. He has been the recipient of a range of scholarships and awards throughout his career, including being awarded a patent for his work with IBM using community based sky imaging to model and forecast solar irradiation.

Chris is grateful for his young family life that allows him some space for taekwondo and refereeing football. He enjoys spending time with his children tinkering with the mechanisms of various things such as his Rubik’s puzzles and pen collection.

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