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Analyst-Inventor. Public Speaker. Sporty.#

Chris is a researcher in the School of Cybernetics. He has developed a cybernetic approach to evaluating and encouraging reflexive practices among data professionals working with disadvantage datasets.

With academic backgrounds in the mathematical sciences and epistemology, Chris has enjoyed working in astronomy, quantum physics, cybersecurity, data visualisation and adult education. He is a strong advocate for empowerment through information and he continues his mission to fight mis(dis)information through public speaking opportunities and through transdisciplinary and translational research.

Chris continues to invent, prototype and deploy knowledge based products including digital products that support the sustainable dissemination of Indigenous Knowledge. In 2022, he prototyped and deployed a digital agriculture product in collaboration with CSIRO and Microsoft Australia. In 2021, he was awarded a patent for his invention with IBM using community based sky imaging to model and forecast solar irradiation.

Chris is a senior referee in the Australian National Premier League, a 2nd degree Black Belt in ITF taekwondo and a long distance runner.

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