“Artificial intelligence” dominates discussions about the future, but what exactly is it? What is it made of? AI manifests itself in different forms and is perpetually evolving, posing a challenge to strategic planning.

In this session, participants will learn a simple way to define AI by deconstructing its “building blocks”. The AI-enabled systems being built around us today have a number of important components. This session considers a few of the important ones, including data, algorithms, machine learning, sensors, networks and infrastructures.

But what’s often most illuminating in these discussions are the stories. Our relationship with AI is defined by the stories we tell about its development and role in society. These narratives often rehash themes of social and economic disruption, menace and techno-determinism and can constrain the way we think about the implementation, use, and regulation of AI. In this session, participants will reflect on new ways to talk productively about AI that are cognisant of, but unfettered by, the existing technological narratives limiting sustainable innovation.

group size up to 30
default length 3 hours
delivery mode in-person (online option)

Learning Outcomes#

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. describe the basic building blocks of AI and why the term itself is problematic when considering the constellation of technologies that fall under the broad term of “artificial intelligence”

  2. analyse technology narratives and design methods for productive conversations about AI, unlocking barriers to adoption

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