Planning for the future is a vital part of running a mission-oriented organisation. As AI-enabled systems transform our world they introduce new technological, social, and ecological dynamics. Identifying the implications of these changes is an ever-present challenge, so how do we prepare and build for many different possible futures?

In this hands-on workshop participants will consider different potential future scenarios, with a specific focus on how AI-enabled systems will present challenges and opportunities for your organisation. These scenarios will be co-designed with your team to explore any specific areas of interest to your organisation.

Through a series of facilitated group activities participants will learn and apply fundamental cybernetic concepts like feedback cycles and system dynamics, applying them to these possible future scenarios to generate insights about how to build better systems in the present. No specific prior skills are required, but come prepared to share your expertise and point of view - interdisciplinary and iterative conversations are at the heart of cybernetics, and we’d love to hear your voice 😊

group size up to 30
default length 3 hours
delivery mode in-person (online option)

Learning Outcomes#

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. explain how future AI-enabled systems will transform your organisational landscape

  2. imagine and articulate multiple visions of the future informed by a cybernetic approach to feedback cycles, people, technology, and the environment

  3. analyse the possibility and preferability of different possible futures to inform their present-day actions

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