Organisations across the world are investing in upskilling their staff so that they can expertly navigate the complex digital world of the 21st century. To do this, people need more than just a technical understanding of emerging technologies—they need to be able to think in systems.

The School of Cybernetics is bringing cybernetics to the world through innovative research-informed and effective microlearning experiences—for tertiary students, industry, government and communities. We are catalysing cybernetic learning experiences beyond the university walls, taking educational experiences into other places that people learn.

Acknowledging the School’s profound responsibility to the future generations, our interactive educational programs lean into the complexity and emphasise on creating experiences and wonder. They are committed to inclusivity, sustainability and are grounded in theory-based practice.

In our Cybernetic Experiences short courses each participant will explore scenarios, both imaginative and real-world, and apply our tools and thinking to reflect on why these tools and approaches are key to successful planning, implementation and communication about emerging technologies across diverse contexts.

Current offerings#

Join us as we create encounters with cybernetics to help you see the world differently. Check our current offerings below, and to discuss how we can tailor them to suit your organisation (e.g. group size, delivery modality, length) contact Ben Swift (Experiences team lead).

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