Innovative methods for critical studies of emerging technologies

A workshop for mid-stage PhD candidates

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25 Mar 2022


Innovative methods for critical studies of emerging technologies
Innovative methods for critical studies of emerging technologies

Thursday, 8 September 2022, 9:00 am - Friday, 9 September 2022, 5:00 pm#

Expressions of interest due by 15 July 2022, please check the HMI website to submit the form.#

The School of Cybernetics and the Humanising Machine Intelligence (HMI) support this student-led workshop.

To be held in-person, at the Australian National University (ANU), this workshop is open to PhD candidates at ANU and beyond whose research subject is an emerging technology (interpreted broadly), and whose research methods involve some form of innovation (also interpreted broadly).

This workshop will provide a unique space for PhD candidates from any discipline who are focused on the socio-cultural impacts of emerging technologies, and who are engaged in the project of expanding qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research methods for studying emerging technologies to share their research designs, receive constructive feedback from peers and experienced researchers, and develop academic networks. To be held over two days, in-person in September 2022, the workshop will bring together 8-16 mid-stage PhD candidates with experienced researchers from across the Science and Technology Studies, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Studies, Legal Studies, public policy, and Computer Science fields. PhD candidates will be invited to present their research designs, and to participate in structured peer clinics for constructive feedback. The primary aim will be to support PhD candidates, whose research projects entail innovations in approaches to research design to refine and improve their plans for data collection and analysis, theory development, and publication. In doing so, a secondary aim will be to incubate new collaborations between PhD candidates working across fields and academic institutions. Currently, the workshop is envisioned as a one-off event.

For further information or to discuss whether your research may be relevant to the workshop, please contact the workshop convenors: Glen Berman, Linda Przhedetsky, and Lorenn Ruster.  

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